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Making the World Better From the Inside Out


Juan Rivera is an American citizen, age 35 who found himself homeless and being sheltered at the Magna Hotel when Practice of Peace Foundation Inc. (POP) took over the facility. Juan initially felt disregarded and ignored due to the arrival of the asylum seekers in the facility. Most would say he was unapproachable. However, with experienced POP staff, Juan was reminded of all he had already accomplished; having maintained steady employment for a year and a half. The experienced POP case manager he spoke with offered him POP services which included assisting him with obtaining permanent housing.

Trust was gained and Juan shared his challenges. He was taught to exercise a methodology (when facing adversities use 90% mental and 10% physical) to cope with his feelings of anger and frustration throughout his process. He later shared he was even handling matters differently at work. Within a month POP case managers  provided Juan with his CITYFHEPS voucher. Juan shortly thereafter was relocated as the Magna Hotel site was converted to a Family with Children site. However Juan stayed in touch with POP Staff and they continued to support Juan who eventually obtained a new apartment! A collaborative effort between POP, a city housing agency and HRA proved effective in this case.

Recently the POP Director of Social Services ran into Juan. He was so excited to see her and thanked POP for teaching him to be patient; using the 90% mental rather than 10% physical, and how he avoids negativity in his life. Juan wants his story to be shared to encourage others and show the work being done by Practice of Peace Foundation.

Juan's New Apartment


The Practice of Peace Foundation, Inc. (POP) is a locally-led community change initiative that will improve neighborhoods' outcomes. Our mission is to introduce an understanding of the Three Principles (Health Realization) Model in public and private housing, schools, business, government, political organizations, religious institutions, prisons (both in and out), and other non-profit organizations, universities/college to all districts of New York City beginning in the Bronx.

We seek to introduce and apply the model in various challenging settings to establish a common language that allows residents to create safe environments. We will enhance home life for their children first, then join together with neighbors to reduce crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, child neglect, school absenteeism, unemployment, housing, and homelessness.

POP also provides emergency temporary & permanent housing placement, case management, essential and referral resources, and preventative social services.  We intervene to build client resiliency to live independently and work with landlords to maintain permanent housing in quality standards by creating a network of tenants that know how to keep a home in good condition and safe.


The Vision is Self-Help – Change from the Inside Out: We acknowledge each person’s right to self-determination and support the evolution of the wisdom that dwells within every human heart.

To manifest this vision, we, at the Practice of Peace Foundation, Inc., endeavor to create a new community, strengthening individuals and families from the inside out. A place where the individual and the community residents take positive actions make effective and sustainable changes.

In the communities we serve, we teach that as a citizen, one is ultimately responsible for their own life, for contributing and being a neighbor that cares for those around them.

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