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Our Approach

Health Realization is a psychological approach emphasizing resilience and wellbeing through the understanding of how the mind works.  It is a living skills training process and curriculum.

This approach was pioneered by people who today are leaders in Practice of Peace, and their lived experience forms the foundation of Practice of Peace's ethos, which understands the mind as the best tool for people to create a brighter future for themselves.  It is "change from the inside out," overcoming trauma by rediscovering innate resilience and wisdom within oneself to become functioning members of society.

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It is not traditional psychotherapy, where a therapist serves as guide.  In this methodology, people learn to step back from unhelpful thoughts that are shaping their interactions with the world around them.  Practice of Peace staff facilitate this learning when clients are receptive, and clients are empowered to direct their own journey and find peace.

For cultures that are deeply resistant to traditional therapy, this is a method that offers healing without intrusion.  People who learn Health Realization don't have to talk through trauma but are able to gain some distance from it.  Founder Irina Lange describes the Health Realization process as part of the American Dream, steeped in self-determination and offering new migrants the chance to gain freedom not only from tyranny and oppression, but also from the traumas lingering in their pasts.

A Solid Foundation

This methodology has some backing in research, with influences that include Dr. Roger Mills with his Psychology of Mind approach and the lectures of Sydney Banks on the Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, and the Three Principles Global Community.


The team at Practice of Peace is eager to find funding to broaden the implementation of Health Realization among the people they serve, both to help them and to deepen available knowledge about the effectiveness of this method, which their own lived experience has shown to be transformative.

Fists in Solidarity

Healthy Homes Healthy Lives

POP and Alegria Health & Wellness are joining forces to tackle adverse childhood experiences that lead to unresolved trauma in adulthood, contributing to societal issues. This program will unite stakeholders to provide comprehensive services for the homeless, both in shelters and permanent housing, ensuring they receive necessary healthcare for independent living.

Support Our Work

We aim to reintegrate our fellow citizens who have faced homelessness, adversity, and childhood trauma challenges back into the fabric of society as thriving, engaged, and quality citizens.

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